Monday, April 16, 2012

New Video: Karaoke on Fire

Looking to learn more about the incredibly awesome spectacle you just witnessed? Great– you’ve come to the right place!

The Fire-Breathing Karaoke setup consists of a homemade Rubens' Tube connected to a LabVIEW-powered karaoke program. Propane feeds into the tube through a valve at one end and slowly leaks out through a row of holes drilled along the top of the pipe. This gas is then ignited, forming a line of standing flames. A speaker sealed to the other end of the tube emits sound waves into the pipe.

Our karaoke program utilizes three NI myDAQ devices, connected as seen in the diagram below. Two NI myDAQ devices serve as audio in/out for each player, connecting to a microphone and set of headphones.The third NI myDAQ device takes in the song to be played and outputs the music to the speaker attached to the Rubens' Tube.The NI myDAQ devices then connect to the computer via USB.

The LabVIEW code is available here, along with a more detailed description of how it works. Enjoy, and stay tuned for even more epic projects coming soon!