Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Calling All Crazy Project Ideas!

It's been really great to see tens of thousands of people viewing our video, but here's the rub. We want to make more videos!

We've got a few vids already in the works, but we think the best way to get even more ideas is to ask those of you who made our Half-Life with Real Guns video popular. Post your project ideas as comments on this blog post and maybe you'll see your crazy idea brought to life in a future episode.


  1. What's the technique behind a silenced gun?

  2. http://science.howstuffworks.com/question112.htm

  3. cool as hell guys but can this be done by shooting a light at the board rather than solid objects and would it be fast enough to play fpshooters online were life hectic rgrs zombie..3

  4. Here's an idea -- you're watching a movie at home, you've got the surround sound, you've got the 3-d glasses or whatever, but the lighting in your viewing room stays the same the whole time. How lame.

    Seems to me you could attach some sensors to your screen to get a general idea of how the current scene is lit, and then hook it up to the lights in the room to match it. So your room is dark when Indiana Jones, trapped in the Well of Souls, is trying to push through the polystyrene brick that's hindering their escape, and then the room suddenly becomes bright when he finally pushes through into the blinding Egyptian daylight so he can fight that big nazi guy.


  5. I'd like to see you put together a larger accelerometer configuration and use a 1/2 pound charge of Tannerite and a centerfire rifle. Now THAT would be COOL...

    We'll check back in on the progress. Thanks!

    BT in WV

  6. How about alternative methods for programming LabVIEW? For example:

    Use a laser gun to determine the position of mouse clicks. If you've played a lot of arcade games as a child, this should significantly increase your programming speed. Just don't forget to shoot outside the screen to restock on primitives. :) You could of course make this even more real by using your modified FPS code.

    Build a Minority Report style system where you just basically point your finger to where you want to click. Different gestures invoke different tools (e.g. pinching would invoke the pan tool).

    Of course, if you combine these with Norm's LVSpeak, these might prove to be the coolest method of programming on the planet.

  7. Hey Waterloo Labs!

    I am an NI UK employee, and I just wanted to let you guys know that the urge to 'build stuff' is alive over here too!

    for more details!

    A lot of people say to me "where is the sbrio/blackfin"... well, overcomplication much?

  8. Hey guys. Great job on the project. Have you looked into a TrackIR by Natural point? It already works with "america's army" and various other FPS. This would track head movement like a mouse in any FPS. We are going to give it a try, would love to chat with you guys!
    -Tony Borglum

  9. What type of accuracy do you get with the location of the actual shots on the board compared to where the computer thinks they are?

  10. I have made some work on it subject.
    1. It has nothing to do with tiangulation or trinagulation and so on - itis called
    "Delay estimation by FFT".
    I linked ADXL345+ARDUINO and calculated
    "Delay estimation by FFT". it turned out to be very pretty cheap and easy.
    Now i am at the point of By "solving this system of nonlinear equations for x and y, to determine the location of the impact" but
    it is looks like given method is lame too so I will have to kame up smth more sensible ;-)

  11. It looks like you have a selection for shotgun patterning? Is this correct?