Sunday, October 25, 2009


So I don't know how many people remember the movie Surf Ninjas but it was certainly a staple of 5th grade sleep overs for me growing up. The kind where you watch a bunch of terrible karate movies and then start fighting all your friends with the sweet moves you just learned from TumTum and Colt.

Anyway, before there were hundreds of videos on YouTube of people wrecking their cars trying to Ghost Ride the Whip, there was MotoSurfing - as made famous by Surf Ninjas. There were many nights I lay awake as a ten year old dreaming of the day I could move to California, own a horrible yellow volkswagen jeep thing, lose the ability to properly pronounce syllables, and MOTOSURF! Today, I got to fulfill the only part of that dream that still remains after 14 years (Hint: It's not the accent). And yes, thats me driving the car from the roof with an iPhone. Subscribe to our YouTubes and watch for Video Nov 3!


  1. You're wearing matching shoes, dude. WTF?

  2. LOL, when you yelled "Motosurf!" I thought of Surf Ninjas. Then, was like, "No, surely not, that must just be a common term."
    Since that movie came out in the early 90's, though it held a soft spot in my heart, no one else I met had ever seen it. Everyone referenced Teen Wolf when talking about these videos and I began to think that, though it was way before our time and I had never seen Teen Wolf, maybe that is what you were going for.
    It cracked me up to realize I was right and you were referencing a beloved elementary school movie that was so bad no one else remembers it.
    Quanzu, Dudes, or whatever it is that they said... Mallori