Thursday, February 25, 2010

Waterloo vs the PhDs

I know we've been a bit quiet lately, our day jobs lately have been more day-and-night jobs. But don't worry we're back (like Die Hard....with a vengance!). We are moving forward on our latest project. Mind Controlled Mario.

We have successfully figured out how to control an NES from a computer using LabVIEW so the hard parts over. Now we just need to figure out how to design our own isolation system, measure microvolt signals on your skin, interpret these signals and translate them to some sort of external movement on the NES. How hard could that be, I mean its not like there's PhD research being done on this or anything. Oh wait ... there is? Then allow me to compare our iPhone remote controlled car to on done by PhD research.

Our Car ("Wendy")German Car
1 Month2 years
Couple of undergrad degreesPhD and research group
Built from scratchBuilt on DARPA car

So bring it on PhD research.


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  2. Driven by Doug, standing on top of the car/ driven by someone not standing on top of the car.