Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Math + Barbecue = Delicious

So this past weekend a couple of us went down to Lockhart after the annual weiner dog races for some delicious barbecue at Kreuz's Meat Market. While enjoying some amazingly good barbecue with no sauce or utensils, we talked about the idea of automating a barbecue so you just start the fire, put in the meat, and get a text when its done.

Well, today what did I find, lo and behold some people have already done this. Now of course its not as cool as we would have done it. Our BBQ pit would be shaped like a giant unicorn (the smoke would obviously come out the horn), and we'd add robotics to mop the meat for you. But at least now we have a good starting point.


  1. There are so many state-of-the-art grills available out there. And frankly, if you've master barbecuing quite a bit, grilling is just as easy as ABC. It's like you just feel it when it needed some turning or basting maybe.

  2. Why not temperature-regulate a stovetop?
    Eggs will never be over-cooked. Pasta will be al dente when you're making salad and fully cooked when you aren't.
    Cook brautwurst through to the middle? No problem.
    Thick blueberry pancakes thoroughly cooked and browned to a gold? Of course.

    Your first thought is probably "Is this a good use of NI products"? Well, perhaps not if you're just doing low-level tasks like PID. However, if you can start tasks remotely, so dinner can be done when you get home, then perhaps it is. (Of course, this would require the prep to be done beforehand).