Friday, May 1, 2009

Waterloo Profiles

Meet the team!

Doug F.
Mechanical Engineer
Georgia Tech

Doug is smart, handsome and not at all full of himself. After graduating with a degree in being awesome he pursued a job with NI so he could get paid to blow stuff up.

Stephen M.
Mechanical Engineer
University of Texas at Austin

Stephen considers himself a native Texan even though he was born in the "North". He sates his Northern urges by watching Stars hockey games.

Will S.
Electrical Engineer
University of Michigan

Will comes from Minne-soh-ta and gets excited when it snows in Texas. When building snowmen isn't an option he sails, plays
volleyball and takes pictures.

Hunter S.
Electrical and Computer Engineer
Baylor University

Hunter is half-nerd and half-theater freak always looking to combine his love of multimedia and tech. He would like to direct movies someday, or become a robot, or a robo-director.

Anita B.
Chemical Engineering
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Anita got lost on the yellow brick road and landed here all the way from Kansas. When not engineering, she attempts gardening on her apartment balcony and spends copious amounts of time basking in the warm Texas sun.