Friday, May 8, 2009

We Must Be On So Many Watch Lists...

So our very first project coming out right before the 4th of July is going to be having a program automatically synchronize a fireworks show with any input song. Of course a necessary ingredient here being fireworks. The problem? We live in Texas where consumer fireworks are illegal until the week before the 4th not leaving us anywhere near enough time to film, edit, post.

I looked at a couple of options
1. I tried to get an ATF firework license for interstate purchase of commercial grade fireworks. Unfortunately, living in an apartment I don't have an ATF certified magazine canister. (Plus my complex got mad at me for putting decorative lighting up, I don't think they would react to well to commercial grade explosives)

2. David found "a guy" who would sell us consumer fireworks before the legal date as long as we brought an out of state ID. This seemed a bit sketchy ... even for us.

3. Drive to Missouri, the closest place that sells them year round and buy them ourselves. Unfortunately the amount of Red Bull we would need to complete the trip in one weekend exceeds our budget.

4. Make our own fireworks. Since most components are controlled substances I feel like just the shopping I have done online has landed me on more government watch lists than I care to be on and I don't really have the stomach for being waterboarded.

So if you or anyone you know has a Class III weapons license or ATF Insterstate Commerce License, feel free to hook us up!

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